Do you pay the travel expenses?
Yes, but for now we can only guarantee funding for one person as we are still in the process of raising further funding.

What else do you provide?
We will provide a place to stay, one meal per day, full festival participation including the visit of one performance at Gessnerallee and a carefully curated network of like-minded people.

Can I participate in the sessions without proposing something?
Yes. Festival registration will open in January 2019. Places are limited though, so better be fast.

As a session leader, do I need to participate in the other sessions?
We’d like to encourage your participation throughout the whole festival and we make sure the programme is curated in such a way you don’t want to miss out. The aim of Otherwise is to create a collective experience and to explore the concept of a festival-as-research thus we support active exchange between the participants.

What is the location like?
OTHERWISE will take place at Gessnerallee in Zurich — one of the prime venues for performing arts in production and presentation, both nationally and internationally. OTHERWISE will be located in one of their experimental stages with a capacity for 50 people.

What if I propose an outside or public intervention?
Yeah! Do so. But consider the legal situation and give us specific details in order to  assure a good flow.
Can I apply with a theater / art / music performance production?
Although we are located in a theater and performance venue we don’t have the capacity or the stage size for including more complex theater or performance productions. However, we are looking for small-scale formats and ideas that cross disciplines but do not demand a stage machinery.

What are the technical specs?
In general, OTHERWISE is rather Low-Fi than Hi-Fi. Special Effects will happen in our minds. Magic will be provided. Above this, there is basic technical setup including a PA, microphones, basic lights, a beamer and projection. But don’t hesitate to propose special requirements. We have a good network and will try to make possible what is possible.

What kind of formats should I/we apply with?
We don’t want to narrow your creativity by suggesting formats. Anything is possible — workshops, lectures, talks, hands-on experiments, labs, readings, screenings, you name it. In terms of length, you might propose formats ranging from 1 hour to 3 days. However, we will make suggestions for adaption after having received all applications.

What kind of output is expected?
The outcome is the collective experience. That shouldn’t stop you from having individual session outputs such as artifacts or discussions. At the end of the festival-as-research (Sunday evening), we will draw some conclusions and ask how to proceed, individually, in spirit or as a collective.

For questions and inquiries please send an email to info@h0.institute
Otherwise Festival is initiated by H0 — Institute for Metamorphosis
Concept & Curation: Michaela Büsse & Benjamin Burger
Video & Website: Konstantin Mitrokhov
Design: Benjamin Burger
Photography: Michael Meili