Registration is closed. There are no seats available anymore. We will announce further plans for collaboration later this year.

OTHERWISE is a small-scale festival-as-research which is why we limit participation to 50 people in total. Rather than providing infotainment we want to establish a long-term platform for collaborative transformation, un/learning, experiencing and experimenting between its participant-collaborators.

The core team of participant-collaborators comprises of the session leaders which leaves us with a very small amount of places we can offer publicly. Due to the intimate nature of the event we only give places to those who commit to our vision and want to attend all 3 days of the festival. Participation if free of charge; travel and stay has to be arranged individually and will not be covered by us.

For questions and inquiries please send an email to
Otherwise Festival is initiated by H0 — Institute for Metamorphosis
Concept & Curation: Michaela Büsse & Benjamin Burger
Video & Website: Konstantin Mitrokhov
Design: Benjamin Burger
Photography: Michael Meili